[VRChat] Baller Fox

55 ratings
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[VRChat] Baller Fox

55 ratings

A Fox base made for VRChat!

Please enjoy!

A HUGE thank you to Dusk/Vulthra for making the video and gifs for me! Please check out their models and art too!

Another Huge thank you to VonVivianov for helping me with the unity work! Take a look at their models!

Baller Fox


  • Medium Performance
  • 1 body mesh.
  • 1 head mesh.
  • 2 tail meshes.
  • 4 materials.
  • 60,820 Tris.
  • Toggles for ears, and tails. Sliders for body modifications.
  • Unity Scene included.
  • Substance Painter file included


  • Poiyomi ver : Poiyomi Toon.8.0.426
  • Unity 2019 with latest VRC SDK 3.0

Personal use rules

  • Do not distribute for free/sell the model/parts of the model, For personal use only.
  • Do not upload as public.
  • Credit is appreciated.
  • Have fun!

Commercial use rules

  • Do not redistribute or sell the base unedited
  • Do not upload the base unedited
  • You can upload edits of the base as public to vrchat (But the credits must be kept on the avatar if it is able to be cloned.)
  • You can sell edits using the base
  • You can take commissions using the base
  • You can stream and vtube using the base
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